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        Wetting Agents

        Wetting Agents (Wetters) are surfactants. They reduce the surface tension of water, helping it to spread further and 'wet' surfaces. A wetting agent enables the water to penetrate the soil faster, moving it away from the sward and deeper into the rootzone.

        When used in foliar fertiliser applications they improve liquid contact with the leaf and the take up of nutrients.  

        Wetting Agents can improve the ability of soil to retain moisture. With effective use of wetting agents, irrigation may be reduced and sports pitches will can benefit from firmer playing surfaces and more consistent turf.

        Dry Patch (water repellent soil) is a common problem of turf, with a number of possible causes.  The most common reason for soils becoming water-repellent (hydrophobic) is through the natural build-up of waxy organic coatings on soil particles (usually through the action of fungal mycelium).


        "Because we make own-label products you may not have seen our name on the container, but chances are, you have seen turf treated with GreenBest's products!"


        Wetting Agents used in our Fertiliser Manufacturing


        RESOLUTE wetting agent has been specially engineered to provide one of the highest wetting performances on the market. It has a long residence tim of up to 90 days and is completely biodegradable, leaving no trace of the wetting agent after this period.

        RESOLUTE is a second generation 100% active, non-ionic reverse block co-polymer wetting agent. A leading solution in the prevention and resolution of LDP (Localised Dry Patch) formation that can arise from the breakdown of plant matter, animal sources and critically low soil moisture content.

        RESOLUTE wetting agent works by reducing the interfacial tension between soil substrates and water. RESOLUTE has exceptional penetrating power, allowing water to move through the soil system more effectively than the majority of other wetting agents on the market


        Bestwet Wetting Agent for Turf fertilisers

        BESTWET is a non-ionic wetting agent that has been developed for use on amenity grass, golf greens and tees. It is designed to help prevent the occurrence of localised dry patch (LDP) which prevents healthy grass growth.

        BESTWET will allow water/moisture to move down deeper into the rootzone by lowering the interfacial tension between water and other substrates. It also enables water to spread out laterally throughout the soil profile giving maximum stress relief to all plants and reducing vital plant count loss.

        • Effective at lowering interfacial tension in the root zone allowing hydrophobic areas to be ‘wetted’    
        • Non-scorch. Some surfactants can have powerful emulsifying effects on hydrophobic materials – overuse (too often or at too high a concentration) can potentially strip away important constituents from the plant and lead to a ‘scorching’ effect.   
        • Very low phytotoxicity (low toxicity to plants)  
        • Low foam when mixing in the spray tank
        • Assists in maximising the effectiveness of a range of soil chemicals and fertilisers
        • Readily biodegradable


        BESTWET is supplied as a concentrated liquid, as end hose applicator tablets or 2.5k 'bombs' for irrigation tanks. BESTWET can also be incorporated into the manufacturing of bespoke liquid fertiliser formulations.



        Yucca Wetting Agent

        Yucca is an ideal alternative to synthetic surfactants, wetting agents and soil penetrants that is completely nonphytotoxic to turfgrass and plants, even when used in hot weather.  Add to tank mixes or fertigation systems to enhance water and nutrient uptake, and improve pesticide performance. In addition to its surfactant qualities, Yucca is an effective organic biostimulant that increases water uptake and root growth for better plant quality and stress tolerance. 

        • A safe, natural alternative to synthetic surfactants.
        • Nonphytotoxic – won’t burn or discolour foliage.
        • Increases root growth and nutrient absorption.


        YUCCA WETTING AGENT is supplied as a concentrated liquid. It can also be incorporated into the manufacturing of bespoke liquid fertiliser formulations.


        Yucca wetting agent

        Yucca liquid concentrate is a natural extract derived from the yucca schidigera plant that grows in the deserts of the Americas.  Yucca plants produce high levels of natural surfactants and steroid saponins that enable them to survive in harsh habitats with extreme heat, drought and soil salinity.  Plants used to make Yucca have been cultivated and harvested in accordance with strict environmental standards to ensure regrowth of harvested Yucca plants without disrupting the desert ecology. 

        • Improves Water uptake and drought resistance.
        • Reduces foliage wilting in hot dry weather.
        • Completely biodegradable – stimulates micro-flora.
        • Cleans and lubricates spray and irrigation equipment


        Soil core testingCore Testing:


        Take a core sample and place drops of water at intervals down its length.

        Watch how long it takes for the water to disperse and try comparing different cores.

        If the water takes at least 5 seconds or so, it indicates hydrophobic soil conditions that could be improved with a wetting agent.


        Arid soil needing Wetting AgentsUse wetting agents regularly to:


        • Improve soil condition
        • Improve root structure
        • Improve plant stress resistance
        • Reduce water use
        • Achieve more uniform results


        Don't wait too long!

        A treatment program should be in place before problems occur.


        Range Icons  

        Look out for the following icons to help you identify the options available:  


        http://www.szpuke.com/UserFiles/Icons_not_logos/Range_icon_200_x_200.pngRange: Regular products or part of a named range. These products can be supplied in your own brand and the formulation can usually be modified if required.



        Straight: Products available on their own, as a single component with nothing added. 


        http://www.szpuke.com/UserFiles/Icons_not_logos/Ingredient_icon_200_x_200.pngIngredient: These products are available to combine or add to a bespoke product where compatible.


        Remember just get in touch with us. We will offer all the help and advice you need!  


        email: sales@greenbest.co.uk