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        Other Products

        GreenBest specialises in the manufacture of fertiliser, but our business is built upon a very flexible manufacturing and sourcing capability and there are other products that we may be able to source or manufacture. For example industrial chemicals, herbicide, aggregates, de-icer etc. 

        Please contact us if you have any enquiries of this type.


        ICE MELT Granular Deicer


        This FAST ACTING, FREE FLOWING, EASY TO USE granular compound eliminates ice and snow without any harmful effects.

        Unlike rock salt, ICE MELT will not leave scratch markings or staining to flooring and will still melt ice in temperatures exceeding -11ºC.

        Based on PLANT NUTRIENTS for a more environmentally friendly product

        • Non corrosive
        • Non toxic
        • Biodegradable
        • No stains or residue
        • Prevents refreezing up to 24hrs


        Used on: Shopping Centres, Car Parks, Railway Platforms, Pedestrian Bridges, Pathways, Driveways, Trading Estates, Bus Depots, Taxi Ranks, and More


        Deicing granules ice melt supplier

        GreenBest Ice Melt Deicer




        Ice melt is available in tubs or bags and can be rebranded with your own label.