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        GreenBest expands its team

        7th July 2020

        Somerset-based fertiliser company GreenBest have expanded their sales and marketing team with the recruitment of a new Digital Marketing specialist.

        Caroline Stanley joins the Henstridge HQ having freelanced for a variety of local business during the past year following a rewarding career as an all-round marketer predominantly in the education sector. Caroline’s appointment heralds the beginning of an increased investment in the digital side of the business, enabling GreenBest to compound its already impressive track record.

        Caroline explained, “This is my first foray into the world of fertilisers, as my background has been mainly in the education sector for the last 5 years. I am really enjoying learning all about the intricacies of the products and look forward to stepping out from behind my screen and meeting the GreenBest customers!”

        With the addition of a new digital marketing arm, GreenBest are going from strength-to-strength – reaching customer distributors in over 24 countries and with ambitious plans for expansion into more territories. This growth has been expedited with the recent incorporation of a state-of-the-art fertiliser coating plant, enabling the company to create truly bespoke products.

        Of Caroline’s appointment, Sales and Marketing Director James Whittick says:  “These are truly exciting times; it is so good to be able to have someone wholly focused on the very best of customer communications, delivering clearer information on websites, online training, social media and advertising.

        We have always prided ourselves on being on the end of the phone or email for all our customers and now their communication experience with us will really take off. I have no doubt that Caroline will be a great asset to our companies as we expand rapidly in the coming years”.


        Production underway, COVID-19 update 15th April 2020 »

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