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        Liquid Fertiliser

        Liquid nutrients can provide the fastest plant responses with nutrients either taken up directly from the leaf with foliar application or by quickly penetrating the rootzone.

        Whether applied by sprayer or fertigation, they are important for sports turf, lawn care, agriculture, horticulture, and hydroponics. Greenbest even supplies liquid fertilisers for use in reed bed filtration, biodigesters and green-walls.  

        Our formulations are carefully designed to maximise the performance of the fertiliser in any specific application and can be manufactured and supplied in any quantity, in bulk or retail packs to your specific formulation.


        "Because we manufacture own-label products you may not have seen our name on the container, but it's likely you have seen turf treated with GreenBest's products!"


        liquid fertiliser manufacturer & suppliers

        Premium quality ingredients

        Experts in smart fertiliser design

        Superior customer service

        Flexibility to meet any requirement large or small

        Added value and performance to familiar formulations

        Ability to replicate products on the market


        How to use GreenBest as your liquid fertiliser supplier:

        NPK, organic & other liquid fertilisers manufactured and supplied by GreenBest

        GreenBest can manufacture liquid fertilisers to your specification, to a wide range of N-P-K formulations.

        On this page you will also find a large range of organics, biostimulants and micronutrients that may be added to your product to improve the performance of your liquid fertiliser.

        All products can be supplied in your own-brand.

        Huge range of pack types and sizes available.

        Products can be formulated or modified to your requirements.

        Please get in touch for friendly helpful advice. 

        email: sales@greenbest.co.uk


        GreenBest standard liquid fertiliser

        Common product formulations and a starting point for bespoke products.

        NMAXX slow release liquid nitrogen fertilisers

        Slow release, stabilised nitrogen liquid fertiliser.

        Onyx organic biostimulant liquid fertiliser suppliers

        Organic biostimulant fertiliser rich in amino acids.

        TRACE liquid fertiliser suppliers

        Range of straights and trace element mixes.

        True Foliar - liquid foliar fertiliser suppliers

        Extensive range of liquid foliar feeds.

        Dyes & Wetting Agent suppliers

        Dyes, wetting agents and colourants.


        Range Icons  

        Look out for the following icons to help you identify the options available:  


        http://www.szpuke.com/UserFiles/Icons_not_logos/Range_icon_200_x_200.pngRange: Regular products or part of a named range. These products can be supplied in your own brand and the formulation can usually be modified if required.



        Straight: Products available on their own, as a single component with nothing added. 


        http://www.szpuke.com/UserFiles/Icons_not_logos/Ingredient_icon_200_x_200.pngIngredient: These products are available to combine or add to a bespoke product where compatible.


        Remember just get in touch with us. We will offer all the help and advice you need!  





        GreenBest standard liquid fertiliser supplier

        GreenBest Standard Range

        The GreenBest Green Base range includes common product formulas for a range of applications and markets. They can be bought as standard products or they may serve as a base to be modified to customer requirements.



        A high nitrogen, fast acting liquid fertiliser that encourages top growth, colour and durability, without causing excessive growth.


        A high nitrogen and potassium fast acting liquid fertiliser for main season application. Encourages top growth and stress tolerance. Ideal for application to turf where nitrogen and potassium levels need topping up.


        This specially formulated 3-1-2 ratio, fast acting liquid fertiliser is ideal for applying to turf where a balanced feed is required.


        An excellent high Potash, winter application liquid fertiliser. Can be applied throughout the winter season to increase hardiness and winter stress tolerance.

        15-0-0 +5Ca,  9-0-0 +Ca

        High nitrogen and high calcium liquid fertilisers that provide good stimulation and calcium levels.


        "Remember these are common products for your inspiration - if it can be made we will make it for you"

        Standard Range


        Liquid Fairway Iron 

        Cost effective liquid iron designed for large areas of fairway or amenity turf. Made from iron sulphate. Provides excellent green up and hardening.

        Liquid Iron 6% + Mn + Wetter 

        A high quality liquid iron with manganese and natural wetting agent to aid the uptake of iron by the plant. Excellent for hardening turf, greening up and correcting iron deficiencies.

        Premier Iron Liquid

        A liquid iron fertiliser based on iron sulphate and chelated iron for rapid and most effective results. 

        Seaweed + Iron Liquid

        Liquid seaweed biostimulant plus 2% iron. Conditions and hardens turf.

        'Roots' Root Enhannce

        A humic acid based biostimulant.

        Total Event 14-0-6

        A high quality, easy to use all-in-one turf fertiliser for main season application. Revives stressed or badly worn areas. Ideal for use prior to a special event.

        First & Last 2.5-0-8

        An all-in-one organic based high potash turf feed specially formulated to give maximum protection and maintain quality during the autumn and winter. Ideal for application as an early season treatment to encourage spring growth, enhance colour and stimulate soil bacteria. 

        More Standard Products













        Total Event 14-0-6 fertiliser for turf grass supplier

        Total Event

        Total Event is an all-in-one fertiliser designed for main season application that hardens turf, stimulates root development, encourages green-up, increases tolerance to stress and disease and also encourages soil microbiology.

        Total event contains nitrogen, potassium, iron, magnesium, seaweed, yucca natural wetting agent and indicator dye. It can be used as a high quality feed or for application before an event to revive stressed or depleted areas of turf.

        Analysis: 14-0-6 + 0.5%Fe + 0.5%MgO + Trace Elements, with seaweed, fulvic acids, wetting agent and indicator dye.






        Total Event fertiliser prepares and revives turf grass




        First and Last turf grass fertiliser for autumn winter and spring

        First & Last

        First & Last is an all-in-one fertiliser designed for autumn and winter application that hardens turf, stimulates root development, encourages green up, increases tolerance to stress and disease and encourages soil microbiology.  

        First & Last can be used to provide maximum protection against stress and disease and for maintaining high-quality turf during the autumn and winter months. It contains nitrogen, potassium, iron, seaweed, trace elements and yucca natural wetting agent.

        It contains nitrogen, potassium, iron, seaweed, trace elements and yucca natural wetting agent.

        Analysis: 2.5-0-8 + 0.5%Fe + trace elements with seaweed, fulvic acids, wetting agent and indicator dye.




        First and Last winter fertiliser for turf grass



        Low nitrogen level to prevent unnecessary growth

        Potassium increases tolerance to stress and disease

        Tank-mix compatible with a variety of products

        Organic source of trace elements

        Stimulates root development

        Encourages soil microbiology





        Slow Release Fertiliser 

        Liquid fertilisers usually provide a rapid but short lived effect, by using a controlled release nitrogen source the effect can be prolonged.


        NMAXX stabilised nitrogen slow release liquid fertiliser manufacturer


        NMAXX liquid is a stabilised nitrogen fertiliser that contains urease inhibitors that help prevent the naturally occuring urease from breaking down nitrogen, and nitrification inhibitors that slow the conversion of ammonium to nitrate.

        As a result nitrogen remains in the positively charged ammonium form longer, bonding with the soil, and readily available for plant uptake.

        NMAXX provides protection against all three forms of nitrogen (N) loss - leaching, denitrification and volatilisation.

        NMAXX can provide up to 5 weeks of plant response.

        NMAXX is available in a range of standard formulations, as a straight liquid, or can be added to bespoke products.





        N Slow Release 28-0-0

        N Slow Release 15-0-12

        N Slow Release Autumn 6-2-12 Fe




        Organic Fertilisers and Biostimulants

        Our liquid organic based biostimulant fertiliser additives provide nutrients that can help promote growth and condition plants against stress. The organic nutrient sources provide a slow release and can also stimulate beneficial microbial activity in the soil.

        Onyx liquid organic biostimulant fertiliser supplier


        Onyx Liquid is our natural molasses based biostimulant fertiliser.

        Onyx Liquid delivers nitrogen, potassium, trace elements and significant levels of amino acids.


        Onyx is available in a range of standard formulations, as a straight liquid, or can be added to bespoke products.


        Download: Onyx Range Product Information Sheets




        Liquid Onyx - Foundation Bio 1

        Liquid Onyx - Manganese Bio 2

        Liquid Onyx - Iron Bio 3

        Liquid Onyx - Nitrogen Bio 4

        Liquid Onyx - Phosphorous Bio 5

        Liquid Onyx - Potassium Bio 6

        Liquid Onyx - Magnesium Bio 7

        Liquid Onyx - Calcium Bio 8

        Liquid Onyx - Balm Bio 9

        Liquid Onyx - Sugar Plus Bio 10

        Onyx liquid organic biostimulant fertiliser supplier




        Liquid seaweed fertiliser supplier


        Liquid seaweed fertilisers are packed with organic macronutrients and trace elements as well as growth promoters and amino acids. They are an effective biostimulant providing even greater benefits than expected from nutrient analysis alone, such as increasing plants tolerance to stress and increasing the activity of beneficial microbes in the soil.

        GreenBest Seaweed Liquids are available straight or as an additive to other formulations where compatible.                                         

        Seaweed 8%

        Seaweed 20%

        GreenBest humic acids and fulvic acid fertiliser manufacturer


        Humic compounds in the soil are formed by the microbial degradation of plant material. Humic and fulvic acids can encourage the plant to produce antioxidants that combat the damage caused by environmental stress. They can form complexes with nutrients, increasing their availability and improving the condition of growing media.

        GreenBest Humic and Fulvic Liquids are available straight or as an additive to other formulations where compatible.

        Humic Acid Liquid

        Fulvic Acid Liquid



        Other Macro and Micro Nutrients

        Macro (other than N-P-K) and micro nutrients are important for correcting known nutrient deficiencies or for general plant health, hardening-up and conditioning against stress. We have a wide range of nutrients that can be formulated to provide the perfect product for your application.


        Trace element fertiliser for sports and amenity turf

        TRACE-E Trace Element Fertilisers

        Every nutrient has a part to play in the health and growth of the plant. A deficiency of any single nutrient is enough to limit yield or quality. Our TRACE-E range of straights and trace element mixes will help you target nutrient deficiencies and provide a boost to plant health. 

        The TRACE-E range is available as standard products or can be added to a bespoke product formulation where compatible.

        Trace element fertiliser for grass




        A balanced blend of chelated liquid trace elements. Used as a stress reliever and top up for trace elements.



        A range of liquid trace element fertilisers carefully formulated with chelates or sulphates for specific individual nutrient application. Including: 

        Boron, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Molybdenum, Sodium, Sulphur, Zinc





        True foliar fertiliserfor turf  manufacturer

        TRUE FOLIAR - Liquid foliar feeds

        True Foliar feeds are formulated with a balanced complexing system to allow fast nutrient uptake, translocation and immediate use within the plant tissue. The range includes formulations designed to rapidly address deficiencies and improve plant health, yield and appearance. 


        The True Foliar range is available in quantities from 250ml to 1000L

        Download Information Sheet











        Trace Elements

        Green Up

        Growth Up

        Harden Up



        Dyes and Wetters

        Wetting Agents are important in the control of dry patch and hydrophobic soil conditions. As an additive, they improve penetration of the treatment into the rootzone, improve foliar uptake and nutrient mobility. Dye can be added to your product to improve its appearance or provide a visible marker when spraying.


        BESTWET Wetting Agent wetter for turf and grass supplier

        BESTWET Wetting Agent

        BESTWET wetting agent provides a long lasting effect and is low foaming in tank mixes. Readily biodegradable it is safe to use and will not scorch.

        YUCCA Organic wetting agent for golf courses supplier

        YUCCA Wetting Agent

        YUCCA wetting agent is a completely natural and non-phytotoxic product. It will not cause foliage burn or stress and is compatible with all soluble and liquid fertilisers

        RESOLUTE extended performance wetting agent for turf care

        RESOLUTE Wetting Agent

        RESOLUTE has exceptional penetrating power, allowing water to move through the soil system more effectively than the majority of other wtting agents on the market. Providing a strong defence against localised dry patch.






        GreenBest liquid dyes for turf and grass

        Liquid Dyes

        Environmentally friendly colourants that wash easily from surfaces. Use to increase accuracy when spraying turf.

        Liquid marker dye to colour turf grass

        Click for more information