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        GreenBest fertiliser is a
        worldwide growing business

        About Us

        GreenBest is a manufacturer of liquid fertiliser, granular fertiliser, soluble fertiliser, soil conditioners and turf care related products.

        Our fertiliser is in high demand for prestige turf and landscaping applications around the world, and is used in many of the top golf, football and sports venues.

        We are known for our bespoke service and the flexibility to supply every customer a product, package and advice, designed specifically for them.

        Contact us for a chat, you'll be amazed what we can do!

        Call now: 01963 364 788




        Create your ideal product with our bespoke fertiliser manufacturing process, supplied in your own packaging and delivered precisely where and when needed.

        Own Brand Labelling and Packaging


        From a simple, sturdy bag to get safely from A to B, to a multicoloured ambassador for your brand. We understand how important your packaging is.

        • Custom labels are FREE
        • Label design service
        • Show off your logo
        • Differentiate your range
        • Build your brand
        Custom Formulation


        We specialise in working with our customers to manufacture and supply unique fertiliser formulations and we do this with absolutely no minimum order quantity!

        • Minimal lead time
        • Runs of any size
        • Technical advice
        • Create unique products
        • Save money with focused fertiliser design
        • Thousands of formulations
        Technical and Testing Services


        Our advisors are ready to listen to your needs and work with you to develop the right package of product and service.

        • Excellent customer service and after-sales support
        • Independant laboratory analysis
        • FACTS qualified advisers
        • Product matching service
        • Years of experience in the turf care industry


        Our ability to supply a diverse range of high quality fertilisers means GreenBest fertiliser can be found in many different markets and applications. Whatever you need, speak to us today to find out how we can help.

        Sports Turf and Amenity Turf Fertiliser Manufacturer & Suppliers
        Sports Turf and Amenity Turf Fertiliser


        Sports turf and amenity turf fertilisers for some of the most demanding applications on the planet!

        From greens on the top golf courses and premiership football pitches, to the local bowling green.

        Our products have been nurturing high quality turf for nearly 20 years.

        Landscaping fertilizer suppliers
        Landscaping Fertiliser


        Landscaping, parks and gardens, trees and shrubs, green cities.

        Smart landscaping with the right fertiliser is crucial for rapid establishment of healthy plants.

        It can save time, and money, and reduce pollution.

        Lawn fertiliser suppliers
        Professional Lawn Care Fertiliser


        We offer our professional lawncare customers something special; our bespoke service will help you stand out from the crowd and provide extra value for your customers.

        We offer help and advice plus everything you need to provide your individual service.

        Bespoke fertiliser manufacturer & suppliers
        Fertilisers for Environmental Solutions


        Environmental solutions: reed bed filtration, hydro-seeding, anaerobic digestion, soil-remediation and more.

        We work with partners in a host of diverse environmental applications where bespoke nutrient products are required.

        fertiliser suppliers
        Agricultural and Horticultural Fertilisers


        Greenbest works with agricultural and horticultural companies to manufacture and supply specialist fertilisers.

        Carefully blended fertilisers using macro and micro nutrients with the flexibility for trial runs in any size, are our speciality.

        Fertiliser manufacturer & suppliers
        Bespoke Fertilisers for Diverse Applications


        We have thousands of diverse fertiliser formulations in our database as well as old favourites.

        From lawns to living walls, our business is built on listening to the needs of our customers.


        Granular Fertiliser Manufacturer & Suppliers

        Granular Fertiliser

        Thousands of granular fertiliser NPK formulations, controlled release fertiliser, slow release organic fertilisers, biostimulants and micronutrients for top quality turf, agricultural and horticultural applications.

        Read more

        Liquid Fertiliser Manufacturer & Suppliers

        Liquid Fertilisers

        Liquid Fertilisers carefully formulated for foliar feeding, conditioning tonics, root drenches and supplementary feeds for turf, crops, hydroponics, green walls, fertigation and more.

        Read more

        Water Soluble Fertiliser Manufacturer & Suppliers

        Soluble Fertilisers

        Water  Soluble Fertilisers made to your requirements for quick and reliable tank mixing, spraying and fertigation. Including a large range of NPK fertilisers, micro nutrients and stabilised nitrogen.

        Read more

        Wetting Agents Manufacturer & Suppliers

        Wetting Agents

        Wetting Agents to combat ‘dry patch’, improve turf uniformity and stress resistance.
        They increase water infiltration to the root zone, leaf wettability and condition of the soil.

        Read more



        Dyes for spray marking to improve accuracy, colour liquid products and even to dye turf for aesthetic improvement.

        Read more

        Other Products such as De-icers manufactured & supplied

        Other Products

        We pride ourselves as a flexible manufacturer and can supply a wide range of products from de-icers to surface aggregates. If you have any particular requirements please get in touch,

        Read more

        About Us - Global Fertiliser Manufacturers

        Modern companies are great at listening to their customers.

        GreenBest is built on flexibility to deliver the diverse products that our customers are asking for. This means we can manufacture granular and liquid fertilisers, in any quantity, with your own-brand packaging and with minimal lead time.

        In fact we are so flexible that we have no minimum order quantity!

        Most of our customers are distributors, contractors or consultants who use GreenBest to supply their own-brand fertiliser and add value with bespoke formulations. In the UK we do not directly supply the end-user - other arrangements exist in overseas markets.

        GreenBest operates from a 4 acre site in the South West of England, UK and around half of our trade is export. You can be confident working with GreenBest anywhere in the world.
        Read more

        Tim LeMesurier
        Managing Director
        View profile

        Tim has over 25 years’ experience manufacturing and supplying amenity turf products. He started Greenbest in November 1998 from very humble means, renting a farm building to manufacture and distribute turf and amenity fertiliser through wholesale companies. “With the help of my very valuable team I have built up a company supplying fertiliser throughout the UK and to over 20 countries."

        Jack Baxter
        Sales and Product Development Manager
        View profile

        Jack qualified from Plymouth University with a degree in Biological Sciences. Prior to joining GreenBest Jack worked in laboratories testing fruit juice and milk. Jack is part of the sales team and enjoys the different challenges that brings. Jack also plays for the local rugby team and plays bass guitar in a ska-rock band.

        Caroline Stanley
        Digital Marketing Manager
        View profile

        Caroline joined GreenBest having honed her skills in the Educations sector. Passionate about all things marketing, Caroline relaxes in her downtime by running, doing yoga, reading and going for long walks in the Dorset countryside.

        James Whittick
        Sales Director
        View profile

        James joined Greenbest soon after it was formed and having initially worked as production manager he rapidly moved into sales where he helped grow the company by securing and developing a distributor customer network across the UK, Europe and beyond. Now a Director, he enjoys building a strong, vibrant sales team whilst still, himself, pushing sales into increasingly diverse areas and markets. Away from work James enjoys his 5 dogs, fishing, walking and running the home farm with his wife and two children.

        Alex Drewek
        Sales Coordinator for Eastern Europe
        View profile

        Alex represents GreenBest in Eastern Europe where her customers appreciate her resourceful and innovative customer service. Alex is FACTS qualified and holds a degree in Masters and Engineer in Agriculture. She worked for 9 years in the UK lawn care industry and has experience as a field agronomist in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Estonia. Alex also owns an arable farm and enjoys shooting, hiking and keeping bees.

        Karen Armes
        Accounts Administrator
        View profile

        Karen is a key member of the office staff with duties that include order processing, invoicing, accounting and order despatch.

        Daisy Lacey
        Sales and Product Development Manager
        View profile

        Since graduating from The University of Bath with a degree in Biology, Daisy has gained experience with various retail and manufacturing businesses. Daisy specialises in the professional lawn care market. She enjoys sewing crafts and spending time outdoors with her son.

        Daniel Lock
        Sales Office Administrator
        View profile

        As a first point of contact in the sales office, Danny’s is the friendly voice you will hear as he takes your order and answers any order enquiries. He enjoys football and fishing and runs a youth club for teenagers once a week!

        Zuzana Struhar
        Office Administrator
        View profile

        Zuzana is a key member of the office staff with duties that include order processing, product label design and manufacture, customer enquiries and order despatch. Zuzana holds a degree in Education. In her free time she enjoys gardening, snowboarding, DIY and handicraft.

        Simon Gillett
        Sales and Product Development Manager
        View profile

        Simon studied Chemistry and Business at Birmingham University and prior to working for GreenBest he worked in the laboratory for a multinational agrochemical company. As a FACTS qualified adviser, Simon enjoys travelling round the UK and abroad, he loves the challenges of international markets. He is learning to play the guitar and cooks great pulled pork.

        Daniel Powell
        Marketing Manager
        View profile

        Daniel has a first class degree in Chemistry and Business Management and is an experienced marketeer and data wrangler. At GreenBest he specialises in liquids formulation. Outside of Greenbest he runs his own business in aquaponics (growing fish and plants together)


        Please contact us if you need any other information or product specific resources such as safety data sheets.

        Latest news

        • GreenBest expands its team

          → 7th July 2020

          GreenBest expands its team

          Somerset-based fertiliser company GreenBest have expanded their sales and marketing team with the recruitment of a new Digital Marketing Manager.

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        • → 15th April 2020

          Production underway, COVID-19 update 15th April 2020

          This means that our lead time is currently at normal levels.
          We are taking orders and dispatching as normal.We are taking orders and dispatching as normal

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        • → 24th March 2020

          COVID-19 Update 24th March 2020

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        Contact Us


        We’d love to hear from you. Please complete the enquiry form below, chat now online or call us to discuss your next project.

        We are always happy to visit you and talk through your specific requirements in person.


        Tel: +44 (0)1963 364788 Fax: +44 (0)1963 364789 Email:
        GreenBest Ltd, Unit 2, The Marsh, Henstridge, Somerset BA8 0TF, United Kingdom