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        Granular Fertiliser

        GreenBest specialises in fertilisers and soil conditioners for the amenity turf, sports turf, lawn-care and landscaping markets. Our products are also used in agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, hydroseeding, green walls, green roofs and more. GreenBest granular fertiliser is in high demand for prestige landscaping and turf applications worldwide and is used in many top golf, football and sports pitches.

        Granular fertilisers are usually applied with a fertiliser spreader. We manufacture and supply a huge range of organic and mineral fertilisers as well as biostimulants and micronutrients.


        "Because we make own-label products you may not have seen our name on the bag, but it's likely you have seen turf treated with GreenBest's products!"


        organic, NPK and mineral fertiliser suppliers and manufacturers

        Premium quality ingredients

        Quality grading and dust reduction

        Experts in smart fertiliser design

        Superior customer service


        Capability to meet any requirement large or small

        Added value improvements to familiar formulations

        Ability to replicate products on the market

        No minimum order



        How to use GreenBest as your granular fertiliser supplier

        NPK, mineral & organic fertilisers

        GreenBest can manufacture spreadable granular fertilisers to a bespoke formulation for you. We can manufacture a huge range of N-P-K products.

        On this page you will also find a large range of organics, biostimulants and micronutrients that may be added to your product to improve the performance of your granular fertiliser.

        All products can be supplied in your own-brand.

        Choose from bags and tubs in a large range of sizes and colours.

        Products can usually be formulated or modified to your requirements.

        Most products are available in a variety of grades.

        Please get in touch for friendly helpful advice. 

        email: sales@greenbest.co.uk

        phone: 01963 364 788


        GreenBest NPK fertiliser suppliers

        N-P-K fertilisers.

        GreenBest organic fertiliser suppliers

        Organic Based fertilisers.

        GreenBest Soil amendment and soil conditioners

        Soil amendment and soil conditioners to modify and improve soil properties.

        Onyx organic biostimulant fertiliser suppliers

        Onyx organic biostimulant fertiliser delivers nitrogen, potassium and trace elements.

        Black & Green iron & magnesium fertiliser suppliers

        Granular fertiliser containing high levels of iron and magnesium.

        XCU slow release PSCU fertiliser suppliers

        XCU is a controlled release polymer-sulphur coated urea (PSCU). 

        Polyon controlled release fertiliser suppliers

        POLYON controlled-release fertilisers encapsulate nutrients within a patented polyurethane membrane, feeding the root zone slowly.

        Controlled release coated fertilisers for golf and amenity turf


        Controlled release nitrogen fertilisers with precision coatings for reliable release of nutrient.

        Nutralene - controlled release MU based fertiliser suppliers

        Slow-release methylene urea (MU) based fertilisers.

        Nitroform - controlled release nitrogen fertiliser suppliers

        NITROFORM slow-release urea-formaldehyde (UF) nitrogen fertiliser.

        NMAXX - stabilised nitrogen fertiliser suppliers

        NMAXX is a stabilised nitrogen fertiliser that contains urease and nitrification inhibitors.

        Range Icons

          Range: Regular products or part of a named range. These products can be supplied in your own brand and the formulation can usually be modified if required.

          Straight: Products available on their own, as a single component with nothing added. 

          Ingredient: These products are available to combine or add to a bespoke product where compatible.



        Granular Fertiliser Grading

        We expertly sort and grade our granular fertiliser to suit the most technical turf requirements. Providing products for excellent coverage, uniformity and penetration through the sward.


        fine grade fertiliser manufacturers & suppliers


        Fine Fertiliser:

        <0.5mm Sand Grade


        Typically mixed with sand to create lawn sand.

        Suitable for grass cut to 3mm or above.



        mini grade fertiliser manufacturers & suppliers


        Mini Granular Fertiliser:

        0.7-1.9mm. 150 SGN


        Ideal for greens, lawns and any close-cut turf.

        Ensures the highest coverage and uniformity.

        Effectively penetrates the sward. 

        Suitable for grass cut to 3mm or 




        graded fertiliser manufacturers & suppliers


        Graded Fertiliser:

        1.9-2.9mm. 250 SGN


        Provides a greater economy than Mini and still provides effective coverage.

        Ideal for lawns, parks, and less technical turf applications.

        Suitable for grass cut to 10mm or above.




        Common NPK Granular Fertiliser Range

        Our standard range includes common product formulas for a range of applications and markets.

        They can be bought as standard products or they may serve as a base to be modified to your requirements. Like all of our products they can be supplied in your own-brand packaging. 


        GreenBest standard range NPK fertiliser suppliers

         Common Granular Fertilisers


        Spring/Summer Season

        Mini 1-2mm


        13-2-13 100% Ammonium Sulphate


        NPK + Iron

        10-0-0 8% Fe High Iron (100% Ammonium Sulphate)
        10-0-10 +2% Fe
        12-0-8 +2% Fe
        12-0-9 +Fe
        14-0-0 8% Fe High Iron
        20-0-0 +Fe
        7-7-7 + 2Fe
        8-0-0 +2% Fe
        8-0-0 +4% Fe
        9-0-0 +4% Fe


        NPK + Iron + Magnesium

        12-0-12 + 2% Fe + 3.3% Mg
        12-0-9 + 2% Fe + 2% Mg
        12-0-9 +0.5% Mg +1% Fe
        12-0-9 +1.5% Fe +0.5% Mg + Seaweed
        12-2-15 +2% Fe +Mg
        12-3-9 +1% Fe +0.5% Mg
        12-5-5 + 2%Fe + 1% MgO
        14-0-7 +2% Fe +2% Mg Zero Phosphate
        14-3-3 + 2% Fe + 1% Mg
        24-0-0 +2% Fe
        7-0-0 +2% Fe +1% Mg Turf Tonic
        7-0-7 + 3% Fe + 2% Mg
        8-0-0 + 4% Fe + 2% Mg + Seaweed Extract

        GreenBest standard range NPK fertiliser suppliers


         Common Granular Fertilisers


        Autumn/Winter Season

        Mini 1-2mm


        0-0-30-15S Pot Sulphate
        0-0-50 100% Pot Sulphate
        3-10-5 Seed Starter

        NPK + Iron

        2.1-0-2.5 +3% Fe
        3-0-8 +3% Fe
        3-6-8 +4% Fe
        4-0-10 +2% Fe
        4-0-14 +2% Fe 
        4-0-4 +4% Fe
        4-0-9 +4% Fe
        4-3-8 +2% Fe
        4-6-8 +2% Fe + Seaweed
        4-6-8 +4% Fe
        5-0-10 +2Fe
        6-0-10 +2% Fe
        6-4-10 +2% Fe
        6-5-10 +6% Fe
        6-8-10 +2% Fe
        7-0-14 + 4% Fe

        NPK + Iron + Magnesium

        3-0-12 + 2% Fe + 1% Mg Turf Hardener
        3-0-3 +4% Fe +2% Mg Turf Hardener
        4-0-8 + 4% Fe + 2% Mg
        4-2-8 + 2% Fe + 1% Mg
        6-0-9 +2Mg +2Fe
        7-0-14 +2Fe +2Mg

        Lawn Sand

        3-0-0 + 3% Fe Lawn Sand


        GreenBest standard range fertiliser suppliers

        Common Granular Fertilisers


        Spring/Summer Season

        Graded 2-3mm


        9-3-7 Outfield

        9-5-7 Outfield

        9-7-7 Outfield

        6-9-6 Pre-Seeding

        20-10-10 Outfield

        12-0-9 Outfield

        10-12-8 Outfield

        10-15-10 Sportsfield

        7-7-7 Outfield

        12-6-6 Outfield

        12-3-6 Outfield

        10-10-10 Outfield

        GreenBest standard range fertiliser suppliers

        Common Granular Fertilisers


        Autumn/Winter Season

        Graded 2-3mm


        3-12-12 Outfield

        3-6-12 Outfield

        3-3-12 Outfield

        4-12-15 Outfield

        5-0-20 Outfield

        4-19-10 +8% Mg High Mag. Slow-Release (For Trees & Shrubs)




        COMPLEX - NPK fertiliser suppliers

        COMPLEX 12-11-18 +2.6%MgO

        COMPLEX (12-11-18 + 2.6%MgO + 20% SO3) is a high quality, homogeneous prilled NPK fertilizer which also contains magnesium and sulphur as well as micronutrients.

        Manufactured using a unique nitrophosphate production process, 100% SOP based and chlorine free, rapid nutrient release, excellent handling characteristics and dust free.




        Iron Fertilisers

        Iron is a crucial plant nutrient that is often present in soils but may be unavailable to plants leading to iron deficiency. Supplementing with spreadable granular iron fertilisers can lead to increased yields, greener leaves and improved uniformity. Other methods may include spraying with iron sulphate or chelated iron.


        Black & Green High Iron Fertiliser for Turf

        BLACK & GREEN IRON + MAGNESIUM Granular Fertiliser

        GreenBest Black & Green is a powerful homogenous fertiliser granule containing high levels of iron and magnesium. (12%Fe, 5%MgO) 

        Very effective for improving turf colour.

        High application rates will darken the sward and turn the moss black - hence the name! 

        12%Fe 5%MgO

        Black & Green Fast Release Granular Turf Hardener 

        2.5-0-10 9%Fe

        Slow Release Granular Turf hardener 3-4 Months

        10-0-10 9%Fe

        Cold Start Slow release Granular Fe 2-3 months

        5-0-0 9%Fe

        Fast Release Granular Turf Hardener

        0-0-0 9%Fe

        Fast Release Homogenous Granular Turf Hardener




        Organic Fertilisers and Biostimulants

        Our organic based biostimulant fertilisers and additives provide nutrients that can help promote growth and condition against stress. Organic nutrient sources provide a slow release and stimulate biological activity in the soil.


        Standard Organic Fertiliser Range

        12-2-9 +2%MgO +2%Fe, 25%NMAXX

        Organic based mini grade for fine turf 150sgn


        GreenBest organic fertilizer suppliers & manufacturers



        Standard Range


        The standard range includes common product formulas for a range of applications and markets.


        They can be bought as standard products or they may serve as a base to be modified to customer requirements. Like all of our products they can be supplied in your own-brand packaging.


        Standard Organic Fertiliser Range

        12-2-9 +2%MgO +2%Fe, 25%NMAXX

        Organic based mini grade for fine turf 150sgn


        Organic Biostimulant Fertilisers

        Our organic based biostimulant additives provide nutrients that can help promote growth and condition against stress.

        Organic nutrient sources provide a slow release and stimulate biological activity in the soil.

        Organic and biostimulant fertiliser manufacturer


        Derived from Ascophyllum nodosum, our seaweed meal is an effective bio-stimulant containing balanced quantities of N, P, K, S, Ca, Fe, Cu, B, Mn, Mg, Growth promoters and 17 amino acids.







        Onyx organic biostimulant fertiliser is an organic source of nitrogen, postassium, trace elements and significant levels of amino acids.

        A biostimulant helps regulate or enhance the natural processes that occur in the plant or soil, improving the plants ability to take up or use nutrients and improving its resistance to stress.

        Onyx has an NPK analysis of 10-0-4

        Rich in amino acids

        Organic source of macro and micro nutrients

        Enhances seed germination

        Improves root growth

        Promotes beneficial bacteria

        Conditions against stress



        Onyx organic biostimulant fertiliser granules supplier

        Take a look through our online leaflet below





        Soil Amendment and Soil Conditioners

        A range of products that can have a beneficial effect on the soil, from modifying pH to adjusting cation exchange capacity and improving soil structure.


        Greenbest Soil and pH amendment and soil conditioners


        Soil Amendment and Soil Conditioners

        Granular Lime (Calcium carbonate)

        Spreadable ph adjustment 


        Granular Gypsum (Calcium sulphate)




        Gypsum + Seaweed


        Lime + Seaweed





        Coated Controlled Release Fertilisers

        Coated fertilisers are standard release granules coated in one or more protective layers. Before the nutrients become available to the plant, water must diffuse though the coating, dissolve the nutrient and diffuse out again. Our coated ureas are typically based on urea with a sulphur (SCU), polymer (PCU), or polymer-sulfur (PCSCU) coating.


        XCU slow release fertilizer supplier

        XCU Controlled Release Fertilizer range 

        XCU slow-release fertilizer provides gradual, steady nutritional uptake for up to 10 weeks of plant response.

        XCU fertilizer has the highest nitrogen (N) content (43%) and lowest sulfur content (4%) of any polymer-coated sulfur-coated urea (PCSCU) on the market.

        With less N lock-off more of the applied N is taken up and utilized by turfgrass or plants in the expected time frame.

         Mini Grade   

        For close and coarse mown golf tees and fairways, lawn care, landscaping and sports turf.

        Spring/Summer Season

        25-4-10 2Mg 65% XCU Mini grade

        34-0-0 70% XCU Mini grade

        20-0-20 65% XCU Mini grade 

        18-5-18 2Fe 50% XCU Mini grade 

        14-2-5 2Fe 25% XCU Mini grade 

        Autumn/Winter Season

        15-0-23 2Mg +2Fe 75% XCU Mini grade

        5-10-12 +2Fe 30% XCU Mini grade

          Graded 2-2.5mm    


        Spring/Summer Season

        38-0-0 100% XCU 

        30-0-0 55% XCU 

        21-0-0 55% XCU S

        25-5-5 55% XCU 

        25-5-10 25% XCU 

        25-5-10 50% XCU

        20-5-10 2 Mg0 50% XCU 

        28-3-10 96% XCU

        28-3-10 60% XCU

        12-6-6 30%XCU 

        9-7-7 30% XCU

        28-3-5 2% Mg 65% XCU 



        Autumn/Winter Season

        15-0-22 3 mg0 60% XCU 

        3-12-12 50% XCU

        3-6-12 50% XCU

        18-0-28 2% Mg 70% XCU 




        Polyon controlled release fertiliser suppliers UK

        POLYON controlled-release fertilisers encapsulate nutrients within a patented polyurethane membrane, feeding the root zone slowly, constantly, for months at a time. 

        POLYON fertiliser can be applied in advance of plant demand because cool soil temperatures of early spring slow nitrogen release.

        Less nitrogen is released to the soil from which it can be lost. As soils warm, plant growth and nutrient demand increase. Warmer temperatures also increase nitrogen release from POLYON fertiliser to keep pace with plant needs.


        4-5 Months longevity

         MINI GRADE 1-2 mm

        Spring/Summer Season

        25-4-12 2Mg 65% PCU Mini grade

        38-0-0 70% PCU Mini grade

        24-0-24 70% PCU Mini grade 

        18-4-18 2Fe 65% PCU Mini grade 

        14-2-10 2Fe 25% PCU Mini grade 

        Autumn/Winter Season

        18-0-30  75% PCU Mini grade

        8-8-10 +2Fe 30% PCU Mini grade

        5-0-15 +3Fe 50% PCU Mini grade

        Polyon controlled release fertiliser supplier uk


         Tees / fairways grade 2-3mm


        Spring/Summer Season

        30-8-8 60% PCU N

        38-0-0 100% PCU N 

        30-0-0 55% PCU N

        21-0-0 55% PCU N

        25-5-5 55% PCU N

        25-5-10 25% PCU N 

        25-5-10 50% PCU N 

        28-3-10 96% PCU N 

        23-4-10 60% PCU N

        28-5-5 PCU N 

        22-5-5 PCU N 

        30-4-13 65 % PCU N 



        Autumn/Winter Season

        15-0-22 80% PCU 

        20-0-29 80%PCU N  







        Nutrilong V180 is a controlled release granular fertiliser with a high precision coating for consistent and reliable nitrogen release. The release of nutrient is largely dependent on temperature, which ensures that nutrition is available when the turf needs it most. Nutrilong V180 provides a typical longevity of 5-6 months in temperate climates.




        Nutrilong V90 provides a slow release of nutrients to the turf over a period of up to 3 months. A long steady release profile reduces the number of applications required and minimises losses through volatilisation and leaching. Providing cost and environmental benefits as well maintaining good growth and plant health.


        Available in a range of bespoke formulations

        Popular products:

        15-10-16 +2.3%MgO 30%Nutrilong V90

        8-8-16 +3.2%MgO 46%Nutrilong V90

        20-5-10 +2%MgO 70%Nutrilong V90

        23-7-12 +1.7%MgO 67%Nutrilong V90

        28-5-8 +1.2%MgO 80%Nutrilong V90

        29-4-8 +1.7%MgO 83%Nutrilong V180



        Coated potassium slow release fertiliser supplier

        COATED K 0-0-46

        Coated potassium fertiliser for slow potassium release.


        Coated potassium slow release fertiliser supplier


        A homogeneous granule providing a gradual release of iron fertiliser for long lasting green-up and turf hardening.





        Other Slow Release Fertilisers

        There are other methods to control the availability of nutrients other than coating. Nitrogen availability can be controlled with a nitrogen source consisting of larger molecules (typically methylene urea or urea formaldehyde) that have limited solubility and require microbial action to release the nitrogen. Or by 'stabilised nitrogen' which include inhibitors that slow down the biological conversion of urea to ammonia.



        Nutralene slow release fertiliser supplier


        MU-PRO slow-release fertiliser is a methylene urea (MU) source with a guaranteed analysis of 40-0-0. The consistent, long-lasting release of nutrition for up to 16 weeks provides a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution to effectively increase root growth, which helps to improve turfgrass health.


        (TE = Trace Elements)

        Spring/Summer Season

        17-0-17-15%S  +TE 50% Methylene Urea

        21-3-16 +TE 90% Methylene Urea

        14-28-10 +TE 50% Methylene Urea Seed Starter

        12-0-9 +2Fe +TE 25% Methylene Urea

        24-0-0 +5% Fe 50% Methylene Urea

        22-0-22 +1Fe 65% Methylene Urea

        25-5-15 +1Fe 50% Methylene Urea

        16-0-15 1Fe 0.5Mn 50% Methylene Urea

        15-5-15 +2% Mg 25% Methylene Urea

        8-0-0 +4% Fe +2% Mg 25% Methylene Urea


        Autumn/Winter Season

        9-5-27 +2Fe +TE 90% Methylene Urea

        14-0-28 +1Fe +TE 90% Methylene Urea

        5-0-10 +6% Fe +2% Mg 25% Methylene Urea

        15-0-29 +1Fe +TE 70% Methylene Urea

        10-5-25 +8.5% S 50% Methylene Urea

        15-0-22 50% Methylene Urea

        7-0-14 50% Methylene Urea





        Nitroform slow release urea formaldehyde fertilizer supplier


        NITROFORM® slow-release urea-formaldehyde (UF) fertiliser delivers a steady, balanced and dependable source of nitrogen (N) for up to 22 weeks or more.

        ts exclusive release properties make it one of the safest and longest-lasting slow-release sources of N available.



        Controlled Release Nitroform/Nutralene – 


        Spring/Summer Season

        26-4-12 30% Methylene Urea 30% Nitroform

        22-3-15 30% Methylene Urea 30% Nitroform

        30-8-8 30% Methylene Urea 30% Nitroform





        NMAXX stabilised nitrogen slow release fertiliser supplier


        NMAXX is a stabilised nitrogen fertiliser that contains urease inhibitors to that help prevent the naturally occuring urease from breaking down nitrogen, and nitrification inhibitors that slow the conversion of ammonium to nitrate.

        As a result nitrogen remains in the positively charged ammonium form longer, bonding with the soil, and readily available for plant uptake.

        NMAXX provides protection against all three forms of nitrogen (N) loss - leaching, denitrification and volatilisation.

        NMAXX is available in a range of standard formulations, as a straight granule, or can be added to bespoke products.



        NMAXX 46-0-0 Straight

        Spring/Summer Season

        25-5-12 2 Mg 50% NMAXX

        20-0-20 2Mg 50% NMAXX

        14-2-7 2Fe 30% NMAXX

        14-0-14 2Mg 50% NMAXX

        Autumn/Winter Season

        15-5-20 3Mg 50% NMAXX

        10-5-20 2Fe 2 Mg 50% NMAXX

        12-0-24 3Fe 2Mg 60% NMAXX


        GreenBest bespoke custom own brand fertiliser supplier

        Call: 01963 364 788

        Email: sales@greenbest.co.uk